Plant Spirit Medicine with Amy Goodman Keifer- August 13th 10-4pm


Plant Spirit Medicine with Amy Goodman Keifer- August 13th 10-4pm


Sunday August 13th 10-4 Includes Lunch

With Amy Goodman Keifer and Marie Frohlich

This workshop is experiential, and an adventure into a state of open communication with the green world. In these modern times, we are moving so fast that we often miss the opportunity to really take time to connect with the world around us and develop the innate gifts we each carry. We will work together by slowing ourselves down to make relationship with the plants directly while touching on ways to strengthen the language that resides within us all; the language of connection to the vibrancy of life that both infuses our surroundings and flows within us. 

We will connect with this part of ourselves thru a series of experiences and find our ‘Plant Ally' who may well prove to be a valued friend and guide on your Herbal path for years to come.

The plants are our elders and are trustworthy guides to the deepest parts of ourselves. These pathways within us are alive, simple and hold the deep nourishment we all crave. Thus touching the sacred in our everyday lives. 


Amy Goodman Kiefer is a Community Herbalist, an herbal practitioner, an energy worker, an avid herb grower and medicine maker, as well as an herbal teacher who has inspired both children and adults alike.

She has taught herbal classes at National Conferences, assisted Rosemary Gladstar at Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center for 17+ years. 

Amy now stewards the White Dove Herbal Sanctuary in Central Vt. with her husband Joseph, where they grow a wide diversity of plants and host herbal classes and retreats that all hold the element of presence with the land. . All her work is informed by a passion for the plants, people, the earth and the deeper connections we share.

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